We Invest in the Product, Not in the Marketing

Champions-Implants concentrates on the essentials: the (r)evolutionary premium Champions implants and the MIMI®-Flapless implantation method (Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation).

MIMI®-Flapless 每 Successful for 30 Years

The MIMI®-Flapless method simplifies processes for dental staff. This technique has been growing in importance for patients since this surgical technique, which causes hardly any bleeding, is performed without incisions, without mucoperiosteal flap reflection, and without sutures.

Thanks to the minimally invasive implantation method, overall costs for high-quality implant-supported prosthodontic restorations are reduced by up to 50%, making it affordable for more patients but without reducing dentists* salaries.

Champions Implants 每 100% Made in Germany

Thanks to the MIMI®-Flapless method, many patients can benefit from contemporary implant treatments for the first time. The final implant-supported prosthodontic restoration is generally fitted a few days or up to 10 weeks after surgery.

Premium Champions Implants

premium implant, such as the Champions-Implants (R)Evolution implant, allows for 100% treatment of the indications. "Premium" does not refer to the price.

Our philosophy is: Innovation and progress are the keys to success.

Champions-Implants 每 100 % Made in GermanyChampions-Implants 每 Innovation and progress are the keys to success.Premium implants by Champions-Implants

About Us

Champions-Implants was founded after years of experience in our dental office. Thus, our products are not based on abstract biomechanical theories or on imitations of prostheses but on decades of observations and practical experience with established and approved systems. Our main concern has been to establish a new, more reliable, optimal, and patient- and user-friendly system that is affordable for everyone. This concept takes into account the latest reliable findings by all professional associations of Dental Implantology on immediate restoration/loading and bone physiology. The Champions®, which are suitable especially for the MIMI®-Flapless method, can be placed efficiently, rapidly, and almost without any blood loss in most of the cases. However, you can also perform classical implantations with Champions® implants, for example for patients who require bone augmentation. Since May 2011, the two-piece Champions (R)Evolution® implants have been available. With this system, this implantation method can be used by dentists and oral surgeons. With Champions® implants, as a dentist, you can revolutionize your future health plans and costs and calculate the costs more efficiently for your patients. Patients do not actually look for implants but rather for a quick and good treatment for their teeth in order to be able to enjoy eating again: they want the Champions®!

High costs mean less patients.